Monday, December 10, 2018

Write A Telephone Conversation in 100 words between you and the firefighter

At dead of night, you were awakened by the screaming of your neighbors. A fire broke out at the next door. You made a phone call to the nearest fire station. Write a telephone conversation in 100 words between you and the firefighter.
Myself: Hello, is it a fire station?

Firefighter: Yes, how can we help you?

Myself: Actually I am living at 30 RM Das Road, Sutrapur. A dreadful fire broke out in the next door.

Firefighter: Before our arrival, you along with others should try to extinguish the fire by pouring down water into it.

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Myself: Yes, our neighbors are trying to extinguish the fire.

Firefighter: I have already informed the fire brigades of it. There are coming to help you.

Myself: Can we feel assured?

Firefighter: Of course, it is our bounded responsibility to render service to all the endangered people.

Myself: Thank you very much.

Firefighter: Welcome.

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