Sunday, December 16, 2018

Write A Dialogue Between Two Friends About Climate Change

Arif: How are you, friend?

Rakib: I'm fine. But I'm so sorry for being late.

Arif: No problem. Today I would like to talk to you about climate change.

Rakib: Actually it is a burning issue at this moment in our country and all over the world.

Arif: But what does climate change mean?

Rakib: Climate change is, a long-term change in the weather patterns that might have started from decades to millions of years before. It is a change in the average weather conditions like greater, fewer extreme weather events.

Arif: What are the causes of climate change? Rakib: Global warming is the main cause of it. Destruction of forests, too many traffics in city streets, the rapid growth of industries, the increase of carbon dioxide, methane, use of CFC, use of detergents etc are main causes of it,

Arif: Where does it affect, friend?

Rakib: It may affect a specific region or it may occur across the whole world. And in fact, it has been affecting. almost the whole world. Our environment is getting polluted gradually. So, the global climate is also changing.

Arif: Dear friend, what else does it affect?

Rakib: Well, it also affects human health, quality of water, air and food, industry, human settlements etc.

Arif: What is the condition of Bangladesh in this respect?

Rakib: Bangladesh is one of the worst victims of climate change, though rich countries are the main culprits.

Arif: How can we reduce climate change?

We can reduce climate change by stopping the above causes, like stopping deforestation, emitting less heat-trapping gases to the atmosphere etc. The rich countries should play dominant roles as they are mostly responsible for this change.

Arif: Thank you, friend, for your nice information.

Rakib: Welcome. Bye, take care.

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