Monday, December 10, 2018

Write A Dialogue In 100 Words Between You And Your Mother

Suppose, you were a passenger of the airplane which was going to crash into the Town Tower. You somehow managed to talk to your mother over the mobile phone. Write a dialogue in 100 words between you and your mother.
Myself: Hello Mum, how are you?

Mother: I am well. What about you?

Myself: I am going to say goodbye to you forever.

Mother: what nonsense are you taking?

Myself: It is sensible; our plane is going to crash into the Twin Tower very soon.

Mother: Oh, my child, without you I cannot survive on earth.

Myself: Do not be so emotional. Take it easy.

Mother: how can I take it easy?

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Myself: Mum, this is predestined.

Mother: Sweet my child I live for thee.

Myself: Mum, you must take my destiny.

Mother: I feel like crying.

Myself: I will meet you hereafter, good-bye.

Mother: May your soul rest in peace.

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