Monday, December 10, 2018

Write A Dialogue in 100 Words Between Mother and Daughter Over the Cellular Phone

Suppose, you are Fatema and now you are in the college when your mother has given you a phone call. Now write a dialogue in 100 words between mother and daughter over the cellular phone.

Mother: Hello Fatema!

Daughter: Hello Mummy! How are you?

Mother: I am nice, what about you?

Daughter: Pretty well, mummy! Do not worry.

Mother: where are you now? When’ll you get back?

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Daughter: I'm now in my classroom. I’ll get back by 3.30 am.

Mother: don’t delay. Do come as early as possible.

Daughter: OK, Mum. You do have your lunch. Don’t wait for me.

Mother: Alright, goodbye.

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