Thursday, November 8, 2018

Make a dialogue between you and your friend about your future plan

Myself: Hello, Sharmin. How’re you?

Sharmin: Fine. Thanks and what about you?

Myself: I’m so so. Do you have any future plan?

Sharmin: Yes, I’ve. As teaching is a respectable profession. I want to be a teacher. Do you think about you career?

Myself: Yeah, I’ve a plan to go to Canada for my higher education.

Sharmin: What’s the reason behind choosing Canada?

Myself: Definitely its education system is far better than our country. Even I can earn money also.

Sharmin: oh, I see.

Myself: why have you decided to be a teacher?

Sharmin: Because I can manage both of my job and family.

Myself: That’s really good.

Sharmin: please pray for me to achieve my goal of becoming a teacher.

Myself: of course. Now I’ve to go for some urgent work to do. Then see you next time.

Sharmin: Okay. Good bye, see you too.

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