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How to Read Books Faster Better than Others

Reading book faster
How to Read Books Faster Better than Others

Reading Faster is not hard work or an impossible task. Just follow some techniques that can boost your reading speed higher. One of the most important technique is regular reading books. But one of the most important things is, if you haven’t passion about reading books, probably you cannot read books faster. One point Remember that silent reading is the Fastest way to read the book better than loudly reading. Let’s begin, best techniques of reading book fastest either than faster.

Reading Book Regularly

If you are reading book regularly you are one of them who have love, passion or inspiration for books read. That’s why your mind and brain will be improving for the regular reading. if you haven’t passionate or interested in book reading you can’t shine any kinds of purpose just like poetry readers.

It’s been to take Increase readability score day by day. But at the first point, you can’t do it just like jump on the top of the tree. You should be doing it regularly, at the last point, you can read any types of books within a short time. (N.B: It’ll happen when you read books after 3 to 6 months.)

Suppose that, the first time you read 50 words per minute. It should be going on, then at the time or just 1 month later your readability score reach at 1.5 percent. Finally, the total score is 70 words per minute. But do not give up this practice. (Calculation: Normally general people’s reading speed and it might be the increase or reduce.)

Silently reading textbook lines

Silent reading faster methods than loudly reading. I have 2x more reading experience on it. On the other hand, when I am speaking loudly it usually wastes the time of mine. So you should also try this valuable technique on your reading time. Here are some benefits of reading silently.
  • None can’t hear your reading sound. 
  • You can complete your tasks within a short time than other competitors. 
  • All kinds of texts in the book, it will be able to remember for silent reading. 

Reading book Attentively

Concentration must be in your books. You should focus on books as a minimum of 20 minutes. Then break 2 minutes and again reading 20 minutes continue (this 20-2-20 method going on if possible to continue). This method reliable and discovered technique works well.

When you’re reading books, all kinds of electronic device or smartphone should be far away. Because of it reduce your concentration that means the waste of time and on another hand, your motivated mind will be no longer in reading. 5 benefit of this marks.
  • In a short time, you can finish your books easily. 
  • You can save time by reading books attentively. 
  • Follow the 20-2-20 rule that we showed may work better for your improvement. 
  • Read more and more but it should be silently. 
  • Your competitor is doing better than you. Read carefully and go ahead your own way. 

Morning Reading Most Important for Remember

Most of the scientist or analyzer believe that 2x more rememberable whatever you are reading in the morning. I learned it from my own experience that it really true (Universal Truth). In my childhood time I was reading a book alone, with my friends at home or school then I found that early rising and morning reading is the best habit for me.

The crowded city in the daytime is busy. It can be increased after the morning period. So relax and the silent area is more effective for reading books. In fact, this time is perfect to gain knowledge.

Here are few hints of advantages

  • The silent city is more comfortable for reading. 
  • Reading of the morning is easy to remember. 
  • In the morning, reading speed increase 2x more. 
  • Fresh weather with a cup of tea makes your mind refresh and super reader. 
  • In the morning, our brain catches everything easily than other time. 
  • Morning time is the perfect time for reading because at that time our locality keeps calm and looks so pretty. That’s why our mind stays fresh and no tension makes our study hard. 

Set a Deadline timer

If you make a deadline time (Finishing time) and maintain this routine, you can complete your syllabus faster. Time to time reading remove your pressure and makes your study interesting. Time is the most important thing in our life. when you waste your time it’s called limitless studies.

For the deadline settings, you always remember that I have to finish my tasks within that time (Specific limit). So automatically you can do it before the finishing period.

If you are looking something else, here is the table of contents.

Use Pen, Finger or Stick and makes double Speed

It is a good idea to use any kinds of pens sticks or fingers. You are smarter, not a fool. So you should not forget to use it. It goes into the textbook speeder and you can perform more. Additional tips for the finger use.
  • In the textbook, you can able to read line by line. 
  • Double speed reading improvement. 
  • Within a short time, you can finish books by reading. 
  • When you read speedily without understanding and comprehension. 
  • Focus your eyes on all the texts with attentively. 


All the points of this post follow step by step. You are the best reading in the speed test in your local area even some organizations called program may you will the first grader, who knows! But always remember that practice makes a man perfect. Don’t think that you are the only perfect one.

You should always think that your competitor well known than you. Be smart but don’t get over smart, it is one kind of them who are jealous. The person who gets jealous cannot learn anything. By helping each other you will be benefited. At the end of the point, you’re smarter than others.

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