Monday, November 5, 2018

A dialogue between you and the headmaster of the school regarding admission

Shahid: May I come in, sir?
Headmaster: of course, who are you? What do you want?
Shahid: I’m a new comer. I want to take admission in your school in class nine.
Headmaster: where did you study before?
Shahid: I studied at Monipur School and college.
Headmaster: why have you left your old school?
Shahid: Sir, my father is a govt. job holder. He has been transferred from Mirpur, Dhaka to here.
Headmaster: oh, I see. Have you brought all your papers?
Shahid: yes, sir. Here those are.
Headmaster: ok. Submit these papers. Next day you’ll attend your new class.
Shahid: Thank you, sir.
Headmaster:  you’re welcome.

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