Thursday, November 8, 2018

A Dialogue Regarding the Eradication of Illiteracy Problem from Bangladesh

Question: a dialogue between your friend Sami and you regarding the eradication of illiteracy problem from Bangladesh

Myself: Hello friend, how’re you?

Sami: Fine, thanks and you?

Myself: fine too. Where are you going?

Sami: I am going to attend a seminar on illiteracy problem, in Bangladesh.

Myself: that’s really a nice topic. It is one of the greatest curses which should be eradicated within a very short time.

Sami: But how?

Myself: at first, education for the children at least up to class ten should be made free of cost.

Sami: Okay. But communication schools should be set up for the old.

Myself: Yes, consciousness should be raised among all about the necessity of education.

Sami: I think; illiteracy is an obstacle it all types of progress.

Myself: you’re right. what steps can eradicate illiteracy from the society?

Sami: I think educated people should go back to their village after completing their education.

Myself: they can teach the illiterate people of the village.

Sami: we can also play important roles in the matter. We can teach the little boys and girls.

Myself: we can unitedly do a lot in this purpose.

Sami: I think we should force our government to establish more schools and colleges.

Myself: you’re right. thank you for your good suggestion.

Sami: you’re welcome. And buy now, see you next time.

Myself: bye, and ta-ta!

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