Wednesday, November 7, 2018

A dialogue between me and my friend on proper use of time

Myself: Hi! How’re you, Asim?

Asim: I’m fine. And you?

Myself: I’m fine too. What’s the secret behind your bright success in the exam? 

Asim: Thank you. it’s nothing but the proper use of time. 

Myself: what’s that?

Asim:  That’s called punctuality. You should not keep anything tomorrow. 

Myself: But how can I make proper use of time? 

Asim: you can follow a daily routine. You must maintain it. 

Myself: do you do it. 

Asim: certainly. I think it helped me a lot in my study. 

Myself: it is the secret of your success? 

Asim: you’re right. you should not be irregular in everything.

Myself: how can I be like you? 

Asim: you should go to bed early and rise early in the morning. Then, you should make a routine and strictly maintain it. 

Myself: You’re really punctual. Thank you very much for your good advice.

Asim: You’re welcome

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