Tuesday, November 6, 2018

A dialogue between a student and a teacher about the importance of learning English

Myself: Good morning sir, how are yo?

Teacher: Fine, thanks. What about you?

Myself: Fine, sir. Would you please tell me something about the importance of learning English?

Teacher: of course. You know, English is an international language. It’s a medium of communication across the world. So, we should learn it.

Myself: how could I do well in English?

Teacher: you’ve to have a vast stock of vocabulary, overall knowledge in grammar and habit of expressing everything in English.

Myself: which step can I take to uplift myself for that?

Teacher: you’ve to read English newspaper, watch English movie, listen to English news, watch BBC, CNN, AL-Jajira etc.

Myself: could you suggest me how to improve my stock of new word?

Teacher: whenever you get new words, write in a note book, find out meaning and practice them in your daily life.

Myself: how can I improve my speaking skill?

Teacher: well, you have to practice speaking English. You shouldn’t be very carefully about your mistake.

Myself: Thank you, sir.

Teacher: you’re welcome. 

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