Tuesday, November 6, 2018

A dialogue between myself and my friend Badal about mobile phone

Mobile phone is a very recent invention of modern science. We all know the uses and benefits of it. But it has some demerits too. Now, write a dialogue between you and your friend Badal about mobile phone.

Myself:  Hello, Badal! What’s in your hand?

Badal: it’s a mobile phone. I brought it yesterday.

Myself: do you know the uses and abuse of mobile phone?

Badal: What!

Myself: Yes, there are not only the uses of mobile phone.

Badal: what are the abuses?

Myself: Why you need a mobile phone?

Badal: To listen to music, to watch video and take photo.

Myself: What is it made for?

Badal: It’s made for communication. But it has a lot of functions now.

Myself: I know it. I know you can use the internet through your mobile.

Badal: you’re right.

Myself: But your exam is knocking at the door. If you remain busy with your mobile phone, when will you study?

Badal: you’re right. I didn’t think like that.

Myself: You should think like that. You should think whether it is useful for you or not.

Badal: it seems mobile phone is not useful at this stage.

Myself: The abuse of mobile phone is creating a lot of problems in the country. I think you should not use it before your final exam.

Badal: You’re right. I’ll submit it to my father today. 

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