Tuesday, November 6, 2018

A dialogue between you and your friend about preparation for the ensuing examination

Myself: hello, lima. How’re you?

Lima: Fine, thanks and what’s about you?

Myself: I am so so. What about your preparation for the coming exam?

Lima: well, I am going on well with my study but I’m anxious about my exam.

Myself: it’s all the same condition about me too. What’s about your Math?

Lima: I’m taking special care in math. What’s about your preparation?

Myself: I’ve revised all the subject again and again. But am taking care on English.

Lima: well, what about your model tests of all subjects?

Myself: I’m scoring high in the model tests of our school.

Lima: are you revising Model Question?

Myself: Yes.

Lima: Very good. Can you give me any good advice for a brilliant result?

Myself: you shouldn’t waste time. You can seriously take some model tests. Then you can justify your preparation.

Lima: Model tests?

Myself: yeah, the model tests of your school.

Lima: you’re right.  I think that will be the right decision.

Myself: I think it will help you greatly. Wishing you best of luck.

Lima: you are most welcome. 

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