Thursday, July 5, 2018

Inform him/her of the natural beauty of Bangladesh

Suppose, you have a pen friend in the UK. He/she is very enthusiastic to know about your country, particularly here natural beauty. So, inform him/her of the natural beauty off Bangladesh.

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Subject: The natural beauty of Bangladesh.

Dear Romeo.

Love to you. Your have expressed your enthusiasm about the natural beauty of my beloved. Mother land. To be true, Bangladesh is a darling child of nature which has been blessed with immeasurable beauties of nature. It is called a country of unlimited greenery. The landscapes and rvers have added much charm to its beauty.

Do you know, Cox’s Bazer sea beach, the largest sea beaxh in the world belongs to our country? The tea garden of Sylhet,the hills of Chittagong, the St, Martins Island are mention worthy in this regard. Our Sandarbans, the greatest mangrove forest in the world is also one of the greatest natural assets of the world. All the above places and thinkgs attract tourists from home and abroad.

You are ardently welcome here to have the touch of these beauties.


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