Sunday, June 3, 2018

Write a letter to your friend describing the play

Suppose, you are Rana. Recently you have witnessed a play that was staged on the occasion of your annual cultural week. It was about a ghost. Now write a letter to your friend describing the play.

2/5 Rankin Street
Wari, Dhaka-1100
2 January 2013


Dear Roni,

This letter will find you hale and hearty. Don’t you want to take my whereabouts? I am fine by the grace of almighty Lord. However, from your last letter I have come to learn that you are interested to know the play stages on the occasion of our annual cultural week. The play was about a selfish ghost. He had a garden.

Some children came to play in his garden. He could not sustain the situation. He enclosed his garden with a wall. Then the children could not enter the garden and it seemed to be frosty and misty the leaves of the tress were full of frost and mist. No flowers and fruits in the garden of the selfish ghost were in bloom. The ghost becomes sad. He could not sustain the weather. He realizes the fact and changed his mind and became kind to the children.

Afterwards, he broke the wall and the children again got an opportunity to enter the garden. Then the weather was changed. Flowers and fruits were in bloom. Mist and frost disappeared. Sunny weather appeared in the garden.
How was the play? Write to me informing your reaction and feelings.

Your ever

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