Saturday, June 9, 2018

Write a letter to your Friend Describing the Accident

Suppose, you went to Dhaka last week and you witnessed a serious bus accident there. Now, write a letter to your friend describing the accident.

Cantonment Area, Commilla
22 May, 2018
Dear Hridoy,

How are you? Definitely you are hale and sound by the grace of almighty Lord. But I am not mentally well. I am severally affected observing a serious bus accident in Dhaka. I went to Dhaka with my uncle on last Wednesday. While crossing Bangla Motor I witnessed a fatal bus accident. The bus overloaded with passengers was bound for Uttara. And the bus was bound for Sutrapur. They collided with each other severely and as a result twenty passengers dies on the spot. The road was covered with bloodshed. The police enclose the area and investigated the accident. Both the guilty drivers were also badly injured. They were immediately hospitalizes. The other passengers who were wounded had also been hospitalized. The police seized the buses and controlled the chaotic condition strictly.

The pathetic scene made me shocked very and I could not sleep well that night. I felt like exposing the fact to someone and so I write toy you about this.

Be careful while undergoing any journey. And be cautions while crossing any road. Otherwise you may face premature death.

Yours sincerely
Hira/ Hiro. 

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