Saturday, June 9, 2018

write a letter to sympathy to your ailing friend in hospital

Suppose, your friend Ratan/ Ranta of 50, Green Road, Dhaka has become seriously ill and he/ she has been hospitalized. Your examination is very near. So it is not possible for you to visit him/ her in the hospital. Now, write a letter of sympathy t your ailing friend in hospital.


Panjia, Jessore-7450
12 December, 2018

Dear Ratan/ Ratna

 Your letter is just at hand. Though this, I come to know about your serious illness. I am really shocked to know this. I feel if I had the wing of a bird I would fly to you just now. But it is an irony of date that my final examination is knocking at the door. So inspire of having ardent feeling, I am unable to visit you in the hospital. In fat I feel undone for this. But don’t be upset and hopeless. You know everyone in the world has passed such a situation.

Be optimistic. Take the medicine your doctor has prescribed you. Abide by the suggestion and advice of the doctor as well as of your parents. You are nice boy /girl. So Allah will surely take pity on you and help you come round soon. Just be patient. I think we will meet very soon whenever my exam finishes. I hope then you will be fully cured.

No more now.
Convey my best regards to uncle and aunt and love to the younger.

Yours ever
Mustofa Wasif (Rupom)

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