Sunday, June 3, 2018

Write A Letter Telling Friend about the Football Match

A football match has recently been enjoyed by you. It has been held in your school compound. Your friend wanted to know the match was played and how much you enjoyed it. Now, write a letter him about the football match.

2/3 Ruplal Lane Kagozitola, Dhaka-1100
26 August 2018

Dear Habib,

How are you? Definitely, you are well by the grace of almighty lord. I am also fine by his grace. However, from your last letter, I have come to learn that you are interested to know the football match held in our school compound. Well, the match was played by our school Ekadasi and Agrani Sporting Club.

At the very beginning, heavy excitement was created as Agrani Sporting Club started to attack. But our goalkeeper made their every attack futile. And the first 45 minutes ended scoring no goal. The last 45 minutes of the match was more exciting and thrilling. The sticker of Agrani Sporting Club became crazy to score goal. But our defender defended every attack impressively.

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Our school Ekadasi also tried to score goal. Just before the end of the match two were remaining and at that time our striker got a golden opportunity to score a goal. A roar of applause was heard from every corner of the field. Then the referee gave the last whistle and the match ended by 1-0. Truly speaking, the match was very competitive. And I enjoyed it very much.

No more today. More when we shall meet each other. Convey my compliments to dear uncle and auntie. 

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