Saturday, June 9, 2018

Letter To Telling Pen Friend about the Natural Beauty of Bangladesh


Suppose, you have been a pen-friend in Paris. He has keen interest to know about the natural beauty of your country. Now, write a letter to him telling about the natural beauty of Bangladesh.


Road #2 Sector #3 House #81
Uttara, Dhaka
21 March, 2018

Dear Henry,

 How are you? Definitely you are hale and hearty by the blessings of almighty God. I am also well by his grace. However, from your last letter I have come to learn that you are eager to know about the natural beauty of our country. Well, our country Bangladesh is adorned with flora and fauna. She is crises-crossed by plenty of river and canals. Many fishes are found here. Her land is fertile and alluvial/ various crops are grown here and country assumer golden color.

She is also surrounded with forest land. Birds and animals are available here. Birds chirps and sing beautiful songs and make us romantic. Tees and plants bear fruits and flowers. Fruits satisfy our physical hunger and flowers make environment attractive. Enjoying the natural beauty of our country one fells like composing poems. By observing the natural beauty and charm, one’s mind is full of romanticism.

Therefore, you will feel encouraged to visit our land, no doubt.
 No more today. More when I will write to you again. Convey my compliments to dear uncle and aunt.

Yours ever


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