Sunday, June 3, 2018

Write a letter to your friend who lives in Dhaka about how you have enjoy the picnic

Suppose, you are Rafiq. You have recently enjoyed a picnic. Now, write a letter to your fiend Selim who lives in Dhaka about how you have enjoyed the picnic.

Notun Bus Stand, Maijdee, Noakhali
22 January, 2018

Dear Selim,

Take my love and affection. Hope, you are hale and hearty by the grace of almighty Lord. I am also well by his mercy. However, from your last letter I have come to learn that you are interested to know the picnic enjoyed by us. I along with some of our classmates arranged the picnic to Sonargaon.

For this purpose we hired a bus. We brought food material and mineral water. We also collected camera and microphone with amplifier. We came to our gate at 6.00 AM and got in the bus in a body. Then the driver started it.

Inside the bus  we took our breakfast. Some of our classmate began to sing songs by using microphone. Some began to make fun and made us laugh and thus we reached our destination. We refreshed ourselves staying at rest house. In the meantime the hired cooks began to cook food. We also began roam about the place. We observed many old royal buildings and relics. At 2 PM we took lunch and then had a rest for a while.

Afterwards, we arranged different competitions like taking seat with music, singing songs, reciting poem, showing magic. The winners were given suitable prize. At 5 PM we again got in the bus. By singing songs and making fun we reached our destination.

If you were amidst us, we would be pleased and amused very much. We really missed you.

Yours ever

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