Monday, June 11, 2018

letter to friends invite him/her to attend my birthday party

Suppose, you are Sumon/ Sumona of 32/C, Station Road, Comilla. You are going to celebrate your 14th birthday on the 28th December, 2008. You have decided to invite some of your friends. Now write a letter to Shamim/ Shamima, one of your friends, who lives at Agarabad in Chittagong and invite him/ her to attend your birthday party.

32/C, Station Road, Comilla
20 December 2018

Dear Shamim,

It is long since I met you in our school where you came on the occasion of prize ceremony. Anyways, hoping you to be quite well. I’ve heard of you from your parent that you are doing well in your school. However, you know coming 28th December is my birthday. It is my 14th birthday. I’ve made up my mind to celebrate it with all of my friends. I’ve already invited some of my bosom friends. You know without your presence my birthday ceremony would be faint.

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So I expect you at the celebration firmly. Definitely your presence will make the ceremony stunning. So come without fail two days prior to the occasion. Convey the best regards to your parents and love and affection to the younger.

 Yours cordially

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