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Top Advance Techniques of Email Writing

E-mail is Electronic mail we can receive or send an email via Digital message or Computer Network. 1974 first time send an email by Ray Tomlinson Arpanet. At the before rising days of email both of sender and receiver stayed on online. Buy nowadays emailing that problem can’t see now. An email server collects email and then sends it. User or sender either computer doesn’t need to stay on online. There is only having an active email – that’s enough.
Best Way To Write Email
Advanced Technique of Writing Email

There are two kinds of email address. The first name of Username and then must include at mark @. The second is the provider of the server name. Example office outlook, Gmail, and Yahoo are the most popular at present and the extension of the server like .com .net .org and others.

In the modern technology generation, e-mail helps a lot to change. Instant of postal office letter, email is the world powerful way of message transaction method.

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Two kinds of Email Service

  1. Formal Email: Generally, we transaction email CV (Curriculum Vita), Application, Job email and many others purpose use that kind of formal email.
  2. Informal Email: Basically, we can send-receive email which must be personal, family and communication with friends and others kind of email is informal email.

Information of basic key guide

  • Attachment in this section, you any include any kinds of file like video clip, audio clip, document, even your personal file.
  • To: here this is the name of the receiver email address. (You’re sender)
  • Cc: Without the original receiver, another person can get benefit from this mail.
  • Bcc: Here the original sender and receiver name and email will be hidden and from Bcc.
  • Subject: write the subject of the mail matter.

Main Parts of Email

Fills with an email with the example below:

In the email more important email’s subject than the body. So the subject must be informative, easy and exclusive. Here below the two kinds of subject-matter.

Strong Subjects:

  • Invitation to the ABC conference, Nov 2009
  • Application for Account Manager Position #414-Jane Smith CV
  • Agenda for the meeting on Monday, 10am
  • Party invitation for John, Sally, and Martin
  • Updates on the building plans
  • Meeting scheduled for Oct 15, Thursday @ 10am
  • Great craft ideas using recyclable to Sundarbans
  • Prayer for a seat in the school hostel.

Weak Subjects:

  • [Blank]
  • Hi, Hello! How are you?
  • The first line of the email message
  • Words of avoiding: Help, Percent, Off, Reminder, Free.
Example of Greeting: Never mistake in the name of the greeter. Greeter name may be.
  • Dear [name],
  • Hi [name],
  • Hi,
  • Hello [name],
  • Hello,
  • To whom it may concern
Example of the opening sentence:
  • Following our phone conversation, I am sending you…
  • Attached please find the documents you request regarding…
  • In regards to the upcoming pilot program, I have listed below the tasks and deadlines that need to be completed.
  • Further to our last discussion, I would like to bring to your attention to the following issues:
  • As we agreed, there will not be…
  • Please reconsider our proposal for…
  • In response to your job post for the assistant teacher, please find below a brief overview of my skills.
  • I have also attached my CV for your review.
Example of Email information in detail:
Any kinds of issues if the data is available you should include that information on email and it should be written in the good language.
  • Here is the detailed list:
  • In addition to the attached agenda, please click on this link http://www...
  • To register for the online event, please go to…
Example of a closing sentence:
I look forward to your reply.
  • Thank you for the time you have taken to review my candidacy for the position.
  • Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any question or concerns you may have.
  • Thank you, in advance, for your time.
  • I await receipt of the information we discussed.
  • Please forward me the exact information.
Example of Sing-Offs /Closing before the Signature
  • Sincerely,
  • Thank you,
  • Best Regards,
  • Thanks,
  • Name
  • The title, company name
  • Email
  • Phone/Fax
  • Web Address etc.

Email Features

Email has different kinds of features. Most of them include below.

Spelling: sending an email before checking the grammar of your written information. (Example: Integration mark!, Question mark? comma, Full stop etc.) And you should care on formal emails.

Insert: In the email writing text with insert CV, Picture, Audio/Video file various link and if need to big file upload better makes to ZIP, RAR or PDF file. To attaching remember those file, follow some guide.
  • Must be a smaller file at the attached file.
  • If the file bigger then make it RAR or ZIP file archive.
  • In the email shouldn’t send attachment in the reply section.
  • Online or shared folder if need to attach ten this folder link or something include it specifically.
Reply to All: before selecting the button replies to all, unmark or remove those kinds person of email who feel disturb. 

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