Saturday, June 2, 2018

write a letter to suggesting him to read newspaper daily

Suppose, you are Munna / Munia. Your younger brother Kamal does not read newspaper and he is not interested in it either. Now write a letter to him telling about the necessity of reading newspapers.

Suppose, your name is Anis. Recently you have come to know that your younger brother does not like to read newspaper which is store house of knowledge. Now write a letter to your brother, Nafiz, suggesting him to read newspaper daily.

2/4 Mohammadpur,
Dhaka, 1200


Dear Kamal,

How are you? Surely you are hale and hearty. Are you not desirous to know my whereabouts? I am well by the mercy of Almighty Lord. I know, our family keeps daily newspaper. So far as I know, you are not interested in reading newspaper. The information has made me astonished. I cannot accept the matter easily. Because of the fact that I want your development and by reading newspaper every day, you can develop yourself, enrich your mind with sage and sagacity, know the unknown, and discover something essential to lead worldly life spotlessly, adjust with the advanced world and gain success in life. Therefore, you should not avoid reading newspaper every day.
Wish you gradual improvement. Convey my compliments to dear father and mother and my love to Jessica.

Yours elderly


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