Friday, June 1, 2018

A Letter to him describing your hostel life

Suppose, your name is Nahid/ Nahida/ you reside in your school hostel. Your friend Wasif, who lives in Canada, wants to know about your hostel life. Now, write a letter to him describing your hostel life.

Gulshan, Dhaka-1200
22 May, 2018

Dear Wasif,

Take my love and affection. Hope, you are safe and sound by grace of almighty lord. I am also well by his grace. However, from your last letter I have come to learn that you are eager to know my hostel life. Our school is very developed one. There is a two storey school hostel in front of the main building. The school hostel is south facing. So southern breeze enters almost every room.

However, I stay at first floor. My room no. is 50. It is very spacious. I stay with other two students. They are very funny. They always make fun with each other. I get amused and amazed staying at hostel. Besides, at noon we play different games and spots like football, cricket, and badminton. At this, we get a golden opportunity of taking physical exercise. Moreover, we take physical exercise amusingly. In a word, our hostel life full of joy and enjoyment.

Application: to your headmaster to seat in a school hostel.

What about you? Write to me whenever you have much time to do so. Don’t forget to inform of your present condition.

 Yours ever

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