Tuesday, May 1, 2018

You Have Visit A Flood Affected Area Now Write a Letter to your Friend Describing Your Visit


Imagine you are Sadi/ Sadia of 32/ C Station Road, Sylhet. Recently you have visited a flood affected area and observed the sufferings of people there. You have a friend named Mahi, living at 42, Mirpur Road, Dhaka. Now write a letter to him describing your visit.
Dear Mahi,


Your sweet note of this 15th day instant has anchored the share of my heart. I  am also happy to know that you are very much anxious about the flood occurred all around the country. Recently I’ve visited an affected area and the objective of this letter is to describe this visit to you.

Flood has gripped the entire area. Floodwater has submerged most of the land of this area. Most animals have been washed away. Trees have been uprooted. Crops have been damaged heavily. Some people have taken shelter of the roof of the houses. They are passing days without food. They are suffering from want of drinking water, clothes, medicine and so on. Cholera, diarrhea, and dysentery have broken out in an epidemic form. Some of them are about to die for want of food and treatment.

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You are lucky that you reside in Dhaka that is hardly affected by the flood. Nevertheless, you have shown sympathy for the flood-affected people and you are trying to collect assistance for them. I am with the best love to you.

Yours ever


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