Tuesday, May 1, 2018

A Letter to your Friend Thanking him for Their Hospitality

Suppose, you’ve gone your friend’s house, recently and stayed there for a few days with them. Your friend’s name is ‘Raz’ and he lives at 20, housing Estate, Amborkhana, Sylhet. Now write a letter to your friend thanking him for their hospitality.


Dear Raz,

Take my love and affection. Hope you are hale and hearty by the grace of Almighty Allah. I am also fine with his blessings. Actually, I can not forget your hospitality especially your parent’s me. You mother took every care of me. She fed me payees, different cakes, noddles, and pudding. Your father always took my whereabouts. And you accompanied me everywhere and introduced me to different new surroundings, in fact, your cordial behavior tempts me to visit your house again. I can but thank your parents are invited to my residence. I will be waiting for your arrival.

You're ever


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