Friday, May 4, 2018

A Letter to your Friend Telling about How You have been Enjoyed the Picnic


Suppose, you are Sumon/ Sumona. You have recently enjoyed a picnic. Write a letter to your friend Wasif/ Meem about how you have been enjoyed the picnic.


Suppose, you are Monu. You have recently enjoyed a picnic in a historical place. Your friend Shihab wants to know it. Now, write a letter to your friend describing the ins and outs of the picnic.


My dear Wasif,

I received your letter. I am sorry for not replying to it earlier. In your letter, you wanted to know about the picnic that I had made with my classmates. Here I’m giving the description of the picnic. We went to Sonargaon in Narayanganj. It is a place of historical importance. There are several ancient buildings, gardens, sculptures and many more things presenting our rich cultural heritage. We went there by bus. Reaching there at first we observed the relics of ancient buildings. Unluckily I missed you and I sent you some photographs with this letter. Before evening we returned to Muktagacha.

Actually, we spent a happy moment and its impression will be everlasting on my mind. No more today, please write to me as early as possible.

Yours ever


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