Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Moral Story on the Ant and the Elephant

Once upon a time, there lived a huge elephant in a jungle. Because he was so much bigger than all the other animals he always troubled them. In the same jungle, there lived a family of ants. They were a hard work working family who always kept to themselves. In the day they would go to gather food.
One day they as they were going the big elephant threw water on them. Hey! What’s the matter with you? Why do you keep troubling others?
elephant and ant
The Ant and the Elephant 

Oh, shut up, you tiny ant! One more word out of you and I will walk over all of you and kill you. The little ant had no choice. It kept quiet and went on its way.

You shouldn’t pick a fight with the elephant. He is very ill-tempered and very very strong. He could crush you.

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Hmm…something needs to be done about it. The next day when the ants were going to work, the tiny ant decided to teach the elephant a lesson.

She quietly climbed on to the elephant and made its way to the elephant’s trunk and entered it.
Once inside, she started biting the elephant.

Aaah! That hurts! the elephant tried everything but it couldn’t get the ant to stop biting him or come out of its trunk. Such a big elephant became useless in front of the tiny ant.
Please stop! Aaaah! Stop it now.

Well, I hope now you know how others feel when you hurt them.
Yes, I do! Please, please stop now.

Very well, then and so the ant stopped biting the elephant and came out its trunk.

I am sorry. I have understood how bad I made others feel. I promise I will never ever do it again. 
Moral: Tit for Tat

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