Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Write A Letter to him/ her Thanking him/ her for the Birthday Present

Question: suppose, you invited your friend Wasif/ Meen toy your birthday party. He/ She could not attend but sent you a nice gift. Now, write a letter about to him /her thanking him/her for the birthday present. 


Dear Wasif,

Take my love and affection. Hope you are hale and hearty. I am also well by the grace of Almighty Allah. However, you were supposed to attend my birthday party. But you could not do so because of your mother's sudden illness. I badly missed absence. The gift that you offered me on the occasion of my birthday was remarkable. The mobile phone set named as 'Nokia' presented by you is more precious than any other gifts. It proves that you cannot forget me. Rather you love me and for this, you are in need of having thanks. 

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No more today. More when we shall meet each other. Convey my compliments to dear uncle and aunt

Yours Friend,

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