Sunday, March 18, 2018

A Short Story on the Lazy Brahmin

Long long ago they lived a Brahmin in a little village. We had everything that he needed. he had a good wife. Intelligent children, he even had fertile land in which he could grow anything he wanted but he was very daisy and he’ll ever be worked. His wife tried in vain to make him poor on his duties.  Wake up its morning funny aren’t you going to the field?
The Lazy man Story

Me you must be crazy I shall never work, his wife was very upset. But she could not do anything about it. One day a hermit came to the Brahmins I see the Brahmin was very kinds and generous to the harlot. Please, the Hermit told the Brahmin, son. I am very pleased with your service to ask me for a wish and I shall make it come true the Brahmin was very happy he immediately said noble wine. I wish I had someone who could do my entire world. The Hermit agreed so ate but remember you must have enough work to keep him busy. The Brahmin agreed and lo beholds a great demon stood before him. Master, what should I do? The Brahmin got yes if I don’t have well. I shall eat you. Slightly surprised the Brahmin passed the demon to go and water the Bligh’s. The demon left in a flash but remember you must have enough work to keep him busy. Pleased the Brahmin sat down and asked his wife for a glass of water. But before he could drink it the demon returned. What do I do next? The shocked Brahmin dropped a glass of water from his hands.

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Already, Yes, Master.

Okay, you may rest now. We can do the rest of the work tomorrow.

No, Master! I won’t work now. If I don’t have one, I shall eat you!

The Brahmin was terrified. Why don’t you plow the fear then that should take you all night? Tomorrow I shall give you some more work. The demon agreed and left. Pleased with himself the Brahmin sat down for dinner; see my dear now all my work will get and I don’t have to anything. Hearing the Brahmin’s wife just smiled just as he was about to eat the first muscle the demon returned!

Master, all done.

Now the Brahmin was scared he wondered if they had enough work for the demon seeing this his wife said dear can give him some work.

You! Yes. What work is there to do?

 Don’t worry I’ll tell him.

The demon Scream “I want work, I want only work”

Okay, go out make out talk Multi strand straight. The demon just grunted and set out once again. See how dangerous laziness can be. You try to avoid your own work and that this demon is there to help you. He says he will kill you if there is no work.

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You’re right I am so scared. What would we ask him to do after?  He strengthens all air the Brahmin wife laughed. Don’t worry my dear that’s why I gave him that work. Ha-ha, that demon will never be able to straighten morphed. Stain, sure enough, the demon did not successes in this big task still straightened when he pulled it but called again if he left it.

Why don’t rest after dinner and promise me you will work hard from tomorrow.  I promise!
Thus leaving the demon to his difficult task the Brahmin and his wife went to sleep. The next day when the Brahmin readied himself to leave for the farms the demon was still trying to straighten up his tail.

How are you doing demon? Our vignette Sumatra hurry up and finish your task! I have more work for you.

Yes, Master, Good boy.

Having said the Brahmin set out his field he was never lazy again. 

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