Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Paragraph on the experience of flying in Supersonic plane like Concorde

Write a paragraph by answering the following question on the experience of flying in Supersonic plane like Concorde’.


(a) how did you get the opportunity? (b) When did you fly? (c) What was your destination how did you feel during your flight when did you reached address what do you feel about the flight? (e) When did you reach the destination? (f) What do you feel about the flight?


I have always dreamt of flying. My dreams come true when I got a golden opportunity of flying westward in a supersonic plane like Concorde. It is the world’s fastest supersonic aircraft. Its normal speed is 2,170 km/h. however; I reached New York Airport to go to London by Concorde. Ii was checked in well. I had to wait for some time. Soon we heard “BA002 supersonic flight to London is ready to board, please processed to gate 6 for immediate boarding”.

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So we processed to gate 6 to board.  After I sat down I felt actually marry. The new designs of the leather chairs are marvelous, comfortable and elegant. I sat at 12D which is the second row of the rear cabin. As the aircraft taxied out to the runway, the captain welcomes everyone aboard. The in-flight briefing was for more details than the usual captain’s announcement on a subsonic plane. We taxied for 17 minutes for takeoff. The take-off roll was regular, the audible sounds from the engines were a little bit louder but noticeably faster than a subsonic plane. We took the ¾ length of the 14000 ft runway to become airborne. It took no more than a few minutes for us to pass long island.

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We went into the clouds for a while and lost all the grounds sights within 5 minutes after takeoff. Soon the captain announced that we were going to land at the London Airport. Then we were ready to get down. The journey I took by the supersonic plane Concord was really amazing and amusing. I will never forget my experience of flying in a supersonic plane like Concorde.

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