Friday, February 23, 2018

Paragraph on A Struggling Women I Know

Write a paragraph by answering the following question on ‘A struggling women I know’.


Who id the struggling woman? (b) What did she do when she saved some money? (c) How did she set up her business? (d) How much money did she earn from business? (e) How did she spread her business? (f) What is her present condition?


I know a struggling woman name Anjana. Anjana was so poor. She had two children. She worked in several houses. Every month she saved one thousand Taka from her salary. When it was five hundred takas, she brought three KG rice, one KG molasses, four coconuts and some accessories to make Pitha. After whole day work, in the evening, she sat beside the road to sell Pitha. She sold 5 takas per Pitha. After fifty Pitha she used to sell per day. She earns two thousand takas per month like this.
After two years, Anjona along with her brother set up a hotel near a commercial area. She had fifty percent share with her brother. About thirty thousand takas she earned from the hotel per month. In the near time, Anjana’s big son become young.

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He also began to work with her mother and uncle. He put up branches of their hotel in different places. Around one lakh take they could earn from their hotel per month. Day by day they moderated their business and their earning got a good figure. After five years they brought five kathas in the middle of Dhaka city and began to build it. Now Anjana is an owner of a five-storied house in town. It’s a great success of her who had to survive from hand to mouth. She worked hard with determination and now for this she leads a peaceful life.

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