Saturday, February 17, 2018

Paragraph on My Experience of a Snake Charming Show

Write a paragraph by answering the following question on ‘My experience of a snake charming show’.


 (a) When did you meet a snake charmer? (b) What was he carrying on his shoulder? (c) What was/were in his baskets? (d) Who enjoyed the show? (e) Who financed the snake charming show? (f) How were the snakes dancing? (g) What was the charmer’s identity? 


Recently I happened to meet a snake charmer on the way back to home from school. He was carrying three baskets of his head and shouting “Shaper Khela”. I got charmed at this and requested him to go out our house with me. He agreed, gladly. The wat I asked him what in his baskets was. E told me that each of the baskets had venomous snake. The size of each basket showed the size of the snake it contains. However, we reached our home and told my mother about him meanwhile some our snake charming show. Then the charmer brought out a flute and began to plat it. Later he brought out the snakes from the baskets one after another. Everyone was thrilled and charmed at the show. The snakes were dancing with his flute tunes. Particularly children and women got afraid seeing the lie show off the huge venomous snakes. The show continued and ended with pin drop silence. My mother paid the charmer the money fixed before. My uncle asked him about his life. He replied that he was a Bedey and they lead a gypsy life in Bangladesh. The charmer thanked us all and went away shouting “Shaper Khela” again. It has really been an exclusive experience of my life. 

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