Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Paragraph on how to make Ruti (Methods of Ruti Making)

Write a paragraph by answering the following questions on how to make Ruti

(a) What is Ruti? (b) Where it is eaten? (c) What should be done at first to make Ruti? (d) What is needed to make it? (e) How is it baked? (f)What should be done finally?

How to make Ruti

Ruti is a very popular food item in almost every country in the world. It is very easy to make Ruti. At fast, take a medium bowl. Then take some flour into the bowl. After that, some boiled water into the bowl, mix some oil and salt and stir them well. Afterward, make small balls out of dough, roll them with a rolling pin keeping them on around Board.

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Let your baking Pan or Skillet warm, keep one dies on the baking pan or skillet and let it be warm for about 1 minute and turn it upside down, let it be also hot for about 1 minute, let it be also hot for about one minute. Finally, take it up from the baking pan or skillet. And thus we can make Ruti.

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