Friday, February 23, 2018

Paragraph on A Mishap or A Narrow Escape

Write a paragraph by answering the following question on ‘A Mishap’.


(a) What was the experience? (b) How did it happen? (c) What its casualties? (c) How were you saved? (e) How do you feel about the experience?


I always like to travel by bus. It refreshes my mind and mentality. But I have a bitter experience of a bus journey. Three months ago I was going to Noakhali from Dhaka by bus. Suddenly one of the wheels of our bus fell flat. Everyone was heavily jolted. Some of us were slightly hurt. Luckily I was unhurt. We got out the bus. 

There was an extra wheel inside wheel inside the bus. The driver began to fit it to the bus. In the meantime, those who were hurt were given first aid from a nearby clinic. Then we got on the bus again. We reached our destination within 2 hours. The driver felt sorry for the inconvenience and suffering caused to the along with other passengers narrowly escaped from facing a horrible experience. 

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