Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Paragraph on A beneficiary of Grameen Bank in Bangladesh

Write a paragraph by answer the following question on ‘A beneficiary of Green Bank


(a) Who is a beneficiary of Green Bank? (b) When did her husband die? (c) Where did she start to go? (d) What did her by with her loan? (e) How did she earn lots of money? (f) What is her present status? 


Rokeya is a poor widow who lives in a village of Joypurhat. When her husband died in 2006 in a road accident, she became helpless thinking how she could survive with her three children. It was even uncertain to manage food and clothes form them. One day, she found some women of her village who were going to Grameen Bank. She also started going with them and took a loan from Grameen Bank. 

The name of the founder of Grameen Bank is Mohammad Yunus. She brought some hens and goats with that loan. Gradually, her condition began to develop. By selling hen, egg, and goat, she earned lots of money, reconstructed her house and sent her children to school. Now she is a self-dependent woman. After overcoming all adversities, she is now an example for other women of her village.

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