Sunday, February 18, 2018

Paragraph on UNICEF

Write a paragraph by answering the following question on ‘UNICEF


What is UNICEF? (b) When was it established? (c) What was its old name (d) Where is its headquarters? (e) What is it’s work zone? (f) What are the main activities of the organization?


The united nation’s children fund (UNICEF) was established in December 1946, immediately after the end of the Second Year War. However, its old name was United Nation’s International Children Emergency Fund. The Headquarters of this great organization is in New York, USA. Its work zone is in 190 countries and territory of the world. 

The main activities of this organization are child survival and development, basic education for children and gender quality and children’s rights and protection. Thus UNICEF is trying its best for the welfare of children all over the world. 

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