Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Paragraph for Arranging book A Table of Content

Write a paragraph by answering the following question on 'A Table of Content about the arranging book on the shelves or books keepers.


(a) What does it give us? (b) What does it tell the readers? (c) How is the list of the parts presented? (d) What does it include? (e) What is a very important part of a book?


A table of content is very important part of a book. It gives us information about what is inside a book. It tells us what each of the parts of the book is about. It also tells us how to go to the page where the part starts. A table of contents is usually written as ‘Content’ at the top of the page. The list of the parts is presented in the order that they appear in the book.

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The list contains the titles or the names of the parts.  It sometimes mentions the sections as well as the subsection titles with the chapter, unit, and lesson title etc. It also includes the forward or preface, book map, index, and the page numbers.

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