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Paragraph on Our National Flag of Bangladesh

Write a paragraph in about 150 words on ‘Our National Flag’. In your paragraph, answer the following question.

Bangladesh National Flag

Question: (a) What does our national flag symbolize? (b) Where is it hoisted? (c) When is the national flag kept half-mast? (d) Which memory do red and green color bear? (e) How do you feel for your national flag? (f) How can you uphold its prestige?

Alternatively, write a paragraph on “Our National Flag” Answering the following question:

Question: (a) What is the symbol is an independent nation? (b) What is the shape and size of our national flag? (c) How many colors are there in the national flag? (d) What do different colors of the flag stand for? (e) What do we feel about our national flag?

On the other hand, write a paragraph on “Our National Flag” answering the following question:

Question: (a) What does ‘National Flag’ mean? (b) How is your national flag? (c) How it is to look at? (d) What is its size? (e) How is it made of? (f) When and where is it hoisted? (g) What is its importance?


A National Flag

A national flag is the symbol of an independent nation. Being a free nation, we have a national flag of our own. It symbolizes our national integrity, solidarity, and sovereignty. We got our national flag at the cost of a bloody war in 1971. The size of our national flag is 10:6. Its shape is is made of cotton, linen or sink. It bears a combination of two colors red and green. The major part of it deep green. There is also a deep red round color part in the middle of it. It looks like the rising sun. The green color of it stands for everlasting youth, freshness, and vigor of the nation. It also symbolizes the greenery of Bangladesh.

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The red round part of it symbolizes the rising the sun of independence. Our national flag is the source of our spirit, hopes, and aspiration. It is hoisted every day on our government offices and educational institutions. It is kept half-mast on our nation mourning days. Besides, it is hoisted everywhere on the independent day and victory day. We feel proud of our national flag.

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