Monday, February 5, 2018

A Paragraph About Our Classroom in School

Write a paragraph about ‘Your Classroom’ on the basis of the following question:


(a) Where is your classroom situated? (b) What direction does it face? (c) How many doors and windows are there in your reading room? (e) How do you feel here?


A classroom is a room, which is used for holding classes. My classroom (look like my reading room) is on the ground floor of the main building of our school. It faces the south. The room is forty feet long and eighteen feet wide. It is very spacious and well ventilated. It has two doors and four wide windows. There are also four electric fans in our classroom. There is a dais in the classroom. A chair and table there on the dais for the use of the teachers. A big blackboard is hung up on the wall.

Recommendation: our school library

There twenty high benches and twenty low branches for the sitting arrangement of the student. I the classes. There are eighty students, and the breaches can accommodate all of them. The walls and the ceilings are nicely whitewashed. A six feet verandah runs beside my classroom. We always keep the classroom neat and clean. That is why we feel fresh in our classroom. I like my classroom very much.

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