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Access to higher education in Bangladesh

01. Warm up activity:
  •   Discuss what you know about the opportunity for higher education in Bangladesh
  •   Why do you think higher education is important? Discuss in a group.
02. Read the following text and answer the questions that follow:

Tertiary education in Bangladesh comprises two categories of institutions: degree-awarding universities and college affiliated with the National University (NU). There were only 4 universities in Bangladesh at the time of independence in 1974. All of those universities were publicly financed autonomous entities. At present, there are 35 such universities. Private universities are a relatively new phenomenon in this country. In the early 1990s, the private sector came forward to establish universities. Since then the country has experienced a spectacular growth in private universities - mostly in and around Dhaka and couple of other large cities. At present, there are 79 private universities. The number of colleges providing territory education is around 1,400. Most of them offer BA (Pass) education of three years duration; only one-third of them offer B.A. (honors) courses and some offer MA degrees as well. All of these colleges are affiliated with the National University.
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Accessibility to higher education

Accessibility to higher education implies that students get the opportunity to get a university education and sufficient support from educational institutions. Increasing enrollment at the secondary and higher education puts pressure on higher educational institutions. But due to limited capacity, only a small number of students may be enrolled in universities. Thus, each year a large number of students are denied access to higher education. Also due to poverty and increase in educational expenses, the student of the lower middle class do not get easy access to higher education. 

Moreover, those who get places in the universities have limited access to avail all kinds of diversified education facilities relating to their study fields.
Only about 12 percent of graduates enter higher educational institutions. More than 80 percent of these students are admitted to UN-affiliated colleges. 

Others are absorbed by the public and private universities. In the last two decades, there has been a substantial rise in the number of students in private universities. According to the UGC annual report 2010, the number rose from 88,669 in 2005 to 2,00,752 in 2010.

Public Universities in Bangladesh

Public universities are the first choice for most students. The public universities offer a wide range of subjects in Science, Commerce, Liberal Arts, Humanities, Engineering and Technology, Law, Education and medical. 

Public universities attract the best minds to teaching although monetary compensation for teachers is anything but attractive. Library, laboratory, Internet and research facilities are much better there than anything else in the country. Seminars, symposium, lectures, workshops, debates, and exhibitions are often held in these institutions and there is ample scope for national and international exposure for promising young knowledge seekers. Moreover, public universities offer residential and boarding facilities at low cost/subsidized rates.

Annual total intake and total number of students in subjected public universities
Name of the top universities in Bangladesh

1.       University of Dhaka
2.       University of Chittagong
3.       Jahangirnagar University
4.       University of Rajshahi
5.       Khulna University
6.       Comilla University
7.       Islamic University
8.       Jagannath University
9.       Bangladesh Agricultural University
10.   Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology
11.   Shahjalal University of Science and Technology
12.   Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University

Annual Total Intake in Bangladesh Universities

1.       5219
2.       3773
3.       2415
4.       4305
5.       642
6.       350
7.       1210
8.       2415
9.       757
10.   885
11.   1160
12.   N/A

Total Students apply to public universities in Bangladesh

1.       28772
2.       19301
3.       10417
4.       26909
5.       4423
6.       591
7.       10109
8.       25896
9.       4621
10.   7218
11.   7930
12.   1116

Male Students of Public Universities in Bangladesh

1.       19119
2.       14192
3.       21774
4.       19133
5.       3440
6.       417
7.       7913
8.       21774
9.       3211
10.   5865
11.   6156
12.   695

Female Students of Public Universities in Bangladesh

1.       9653
2.       5109
3.       3335
4.       7776
5.       983
6.       174
7.       2196
8.       4122
9.       1410
10.   1353
11.   1774
12.   421

Notice Board: This information generated by Journey of Management and science, source: on June 2013.

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