Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Paragraph on Winter Season (Cold Month)

Write a paragraph about ‘Winter Season’ based on the following question:


(a) What is the duration of winter in Bangladesh? (b) What are the general features of winter? (c) What are the advantages of winter? (d) What are the disadvantages of winter? (e) How do people celebrate winter?


Winter is the season of cold. It is a season of frost and mist. It is the duration in Bangladesh is two months, that is, Poush and Magh. Therefore, it lasts for more or less two months. During winter, the environment remains cool and so people put on warm clothes, the sun rises late. Sometimes the sun is not visible owing to fog. People get up from the bed late and sometimes-normal activities are hampered owning to biting cold. 

And these are the general features of winter. They remain hale and hearty in comparison with other seasons. But there are some disadvantages in winter too. During the season, the poor people have to suffer a lot. They shiver in biting cold and may face unnatural, death for want of want clothes. Besides, those who suffer from asthma and other cold diseases have face crisis. However, winter is a blessing for almost all of us. 

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During this season. People have date juice, prepare Pitha, and payee with it. They arrange functions and picnics in winter. It is a season of joy and enjoyment. Our mind is filled with romanticism and likes to roam here and there. In fact, people of all classes celebrate winter very enjoyable by arranging different amusing parties. 

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