Sunday, January 21, 2018

Paragraph on A Postman or A mail Carrier or A postal worker

Write a paragraph about ‘A Post Man’ on the basis of the following question:


(a) what is a mail carrier? (b) What does he wear and carry? (c) How does he discharge his duties? (e) What is his position in the society?


A Postman

A postal worker is a person who delivers letters, parcels, money order and other postal articles to us. He is a very familiar figure. He wears a khaki dress and a turban on his head. He carries a bag containing letters, parcels, money orders and others and postal articles. He brings good news and sometimes ill. A postman has a particular are to do his duty. He goes from one hour to another deliver postal items. He discharges his duties very sincerely. His daily duty begins in the post officer.

There he sorts postal items, he takes the signature of the receivers. He goes from house to house even in fair or foul weather. He has to walk a long distance to discharge his duty. Sometimes he goes to his beat by riding a by-cycle. Though he renders great service to the society, he gets a very poor salary. So most often he leads a very poor life. Considering his great service he should be given good salary. 

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