Monday, January 22, 2018

Paragraph on My Best Friend or The Real Friend in Life

Write a paragraph about ‘My Best Friend’ on the basis of the following question:


u like him/ her? (e) What have you learned from him/ her?

My Best Friends

I have lots of friends. I am very much h fond of them. Of them, Tahsan is my best friend. He is also my classmates. He deeply feels for the weak students of the class. His behavior with others is praiseworthy. He respects his teachers and superiors. He deeply feels for the weak students of the classmate. He's free minded and never speaks as sick of others

Story: On Two Friends

I like him most for gentility and co-operative mood. I have learned many important things from him. I have learned how to keep fit and prepare lessons swiftly from him. Without these, I have learned the value of time, co-operative, truthfulness and punctuality from him. All on, he is a blessing to me and I am very much happy and proud of having such a best friend.

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