Saturday, January 27, 2018 A researched organized company for education is the online-based free learning educational based blogging website. This company founder and starter Md. Atiqur Rahman (Atiq). He is the founder of and him has also others blogs such as and his planning for the future to make the help the students for writing and learning composition, essay story, and the paragraph on his blog.

Ghior.Com what kinds of posts on his blog:

He loves to write his blog. All about the educational related posts, such as
  • Composition
  • Essay
  • Story
  • Application
  • Dialogue
  • Report
  • Letter and so on.

Terms and condition of his blog:

Generally, he leading his blog free users source and earning method is Google AdSense. Nowadays he does not show ads on his blog. 


Name: Atiqur Rahman (Atiq)
Cell No: +8801746007597
Email: atiq [at]

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