Saturday, January 6, 2018

Five in one Write a Dialogue about conversation

01. Suppose, you saw a woman lying upside down in the road. She looked like the grandmother of your friend. You rushed to your friend’s home, and talked to his mother. Write a dialogue 100 words between you and your friend’s mother.

Myself: Auntie, don’t you keep any whereabouts of grandmother?
Friend’s mother: What happened to her again?
Myself: I saw a woman lying upside down on the road. 
Friend’s mother: So what?
Myself: She looked like grandmother.
Friend’s mother: Your inference is wrong. She is now lying on bed. You can meet her.
Myself: Her appearance seemed to be as like as grandmother.
Friend’s mother: Similar appearance are embarrassing and confusing.
Myself: That is why I felt embarrassed and confused.

Friend’s mother: Thank you for your responsibility.
Myself: Welcome.

02. At dead of night you were awaken by the screaming of your neighbors. A fire broke out in the next door. You made a phone call to the nearest fire station. Write a telephone conversation in 100 words between you and the firefighter.

Myself: Hello, is it a fire station?
Firefighter: Yes, how can we help you?
Myself: Actually I am living at 30 RM Das Road, Sutrapur. A dreadful fire broke out in the next door.
Firefighter: Before our arrival, you along with others should try to extinguish fire by pouring down water into it.
Myself: Yes, our neighbors are trying to extinguish fire.
Firefighter: I have already informed the fire brigades of it. There are coming to help you.
Myself: Can we feel assured?
Firefighter: Of course, it is our bounded responsibility to render service to all the endangered people.
Myself: Thank you very much.
Firefighter: Welcome.  

03. You discovered that your younger brother trying smoking. You knew that you had to stop him. Write a dialogue in 100 words between you and your younger brother. 

Myself: my sweet little brother, what the hell were you doing with your friends?
Brother: my friends instigated me to smoke. Sorry, I will not do so any more.
Myself: you must give up the bad company.
Brother: okay, I will do so.
Myself: by smoking cigarettes, you were going to destroy your life.
Brother: Actually, I do not know the bad effect of smoking.
Myself: smoking causes different fatal diseases like cancer, asthma, bronchitis; blood pressure etc. besides, it harms not only you but also others who are non-smoking.
Brother: oh my god; I will never do so.
Myself: thank you
Brother: same to you. 

04. Suppose, you were a passenger of the aeroplane which was going to crash into the Town Tower. You somehow managed to talk to your mother over mobile phone. Write a dialogue in 100 words between you and your mother. 

Myself: Hello Mum, how are you?
Mother: I am well. What about you?
Myself: I am going to say good-bye to you forever.
Mother: what non-sense are you taking?
Myself: It is sensible; our plane is going to crash in the Twin Tower very soon.
Mother: oh, my child, without you I cannot survive on earth.
Myself: Do not be so emotional. Take it easy.
Mother: how can I take it easy?
Myself: Mum, this is predestined.
Mother: Sweet my child I live for thee.
Myself: Mum, you must take my destiny.
Mother: I feel like crying.
Myself: I will meet you hereafter, good-bye.
Mother: May your soul rest in peace. 

05. Suppose, you are Fatema and now you are in the college ehen you mother has given you a [hone call. Now writye adialgue in 100 words between mother and daughter over cellular phone. 

Mother: Hello Fatema!
Daughter: Hello Mummy! How are you?
Mother: I am nice, what about you?
Daughter: Pretty well, mummy! Do not worry.
Mother: where are you now? When’ll you get back?
Daughter: I'm now in my classroom. I’ll get back by 3.30 am.
Mother: don’t delay. Do come as early as possible.
Daughter: OK, Mum. You do have you lunch. Don’t wait for me.
Mother: alright, good bye.