Saturday, January 20, 2018

Essay on My First Day at School

First The day a student goes to school for the first time is called the first day of school. My first day at school life is a memorable day for me. It is a red-letter day for me. When my parents declared the news of my schooling, I became very much excited and started leaping and dancing in great joy. Then the expected day came.

I went to every member of our family and received blessings from all. I was in a very happy and cheerful mood. I went to school for the first time when I was only seven years old. My father took me to school for the first time. I was a little nervous at the beginning. I remember it well. I was then a little boy. I was very interested in going to school with riding rickshaw accompanied by my father. First I met with Headmaster at school. My heart beat fast.

But this smiling face and gentle words put me at ease. He asked me my name. I answered politely. The headmaster was very pleased with my response. When I was sent to class. My class teacher took me to the classroom and introduced to my classmates. I met with the teachers and students who behaved well with me. My classmates were very much friendly and soon they accepted me as one of their bosom friends.

They received me very cordially and made friends with me, within a short time. The school broke up at 2 pm. My father again came and took me home. I left the school with a cheerful mind. That day was very remarkable in my life.

Your First Day at School/ Memorable Day in Your Life

There are some special events or days of our life. We cannot forget them. They are very memorable days in our life. My first day at school is such a memorable day in my life. 

I went to school with my father when I. was six years. Old. The name of my school is Asadnagar Primary School. I was very excited when my father took me to school. I was very much frightened. Everything was new to me. My father took. me to the Headmaster's room.

The Headmaster was a very gentle and kind man. At first, he asked my name. Then he showed me a few pictures and told me to identify them. I marked them correctly. Again, he asked me my father’s name. I replied to him. Every teacher was laughing because my father was present before them. I was a little bit ashamed of it. The Headmaster was very pleased with me. One of my teachers took me to the class and introduced me with the students. Every student was unknown to me. I could not recognize anybody. I talked with at least three or four students in the class.

After a few days, they became my friends. Still, I have a good friendship with them. In no way, I can forget the gentle behavior of the Headmaster. Actually, every teacher' was cordial with me.

After a few hours, I came back home with my father. I was in a joyous mood. Still, I remember my first day at school. It was a day of my new experience. 

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