Sunday, January 21, 2018

Paragraph on A Tea Stall or A Tong Store or A Tong Dokan

Write a paragraph in about 150 words about ‘A Tea Stall’ by answering the question:


(a) What do you mean by it? / What is a tea stall? (b) What does it contain & sell? (c) Where is it generally situated? (d) How does it contain its function? (e) How is it decorated? (f) Why it is important? (g) How does it serve people? (h) Why is called “mini Sangsad”? (i) What is your suggestion for it?

A Tea Stall

A tea stall is a common sight either in a town or in a village hat. It is a small shop where mainly tea is served. Biscuits, cakes, pieces of bread, bananas, cigarettes and betel leaves are also sold here. It is usually situated in a crowded place. So it is found in a marketplace, a bus stand, a railway station tea stall. He serves tea to the customers. A tea stall opens early in the morning. It is kept open until late hours at night.

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So one can have tea here at any time. Besides, it is a place where friends are seen gossiping. Peoples also exchange their views and ideas sitting in a tea stall. They discuss their internal problems, political issues and so on. This is why it is called a mini Sangsad. It's also called Tong Store (Bengali: Tong Dokan) The has now become the popular drink. So a tea stall is of great service. 

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