Monday, January 8, 2018

A dialogue between you and a doctor suffering from fever

Suppose you are Sami. You are suffering from fever. Your J.S.C examination is near at hand. You need to check up your body. Now write a dialogue between you and a doctor.

Doctor: Please sit down. What is your name?

Myself: Thank you. My name is Safiq.

Doctor: How old are you?

Myself: I’m fourteen years old.

Doctor: What is your problem?

Myself: I’ve been suffering from fever for the last five days. I also feel severe pain all over my body. My JSC exam is very near and I am worried about my preparation.

Doctor: No need to be worry. Let me first check up your body. Any way? What about your taste and appetite?

Myself: I feel everything bitter and I don’t feel like taking food.

Doctor: Please lie down on the bed and unbutton your shirt. I have to check your chest.

Myself: Yes, doctor.

Doctor: There is nothing to worry about. You have been suffering from viral fever.

Myself: Do I need any medicine.

Doctor: Yes, there is the prescription. Take these medicine for a week. You’ll be all right in a week.

Myself: Thank you, doctor.

Doctor: Welcome.

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