Wednesday, January 10, 2018

A Dialogue Between suman and Stranger whose has been picked pocket

Write a dialogue between Suman and a stranger whose pocket has been picked.

Suman: What are you looking for? Why are you so sad?

Stranger: My pocket has been picket.

Suman: Alas! What am Undone!

Stranger: Yes, All the money on me has been picket.

Suman: It is heard here every now and then. I think you should be more careful while going out.

Stranger: Oh, Don’t say that. I am always careful but hardly think of such a situation.

Suman: Anyway, where will you go?

Stranger: I have a plan to go to Cox’s Bazar.

Suman: I think it is better go home now. I will help you.

Stranger: If you don’t mind just give me Taka 100.

Suman: Here it is.

Stranger: Thank you very much.

Suman: That’s OK.