Monday, January 8, 2018

A Dialogue about a local person seeking the direction of the hospital

Suppose, you are a new-comer in Rangpur town. You want to go to a hospital. Now, write a dialogue in 100 words with a local person on seeking the directions to the hospital.

Myself: Excuse me! Could you tell me the way to the hospital?

Passerby: Which hospital are you looking for?

Myself: I wonder I can’t make out your question.

Passerby: that means, there are a number of hospitals in this town.

Myself: O’ I see! I would prefer to go to Rangpur Medical College Hospital.

Passerby: Then, yes. Go straight on. Take the first turning on the left. Walk for a minute and you will find a junction where you’ve to take the second turning on the right. About a 50 meters down the road you’ll find a lofty gate of Rangpur Medical College Hospital.

Myself: Thank you very much.

Passerby: You’re welcome.